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Heather Strickland, Student Intern

Currently Accepting New Clients via Telehealth and In Office. 

Reduced Out of Pocket Rate Available

Submit an appointment request below and someone from our team will be in contact shortly!

My Story

Heather is currently working towards a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at
Liberty University. She will offer mental health services to adolescents, adults and
couples. A few areas of clinical interest include relational issues, spirituality, ADHD, total
body wellness, and mindfulness. She focuses on understanding each client’s story and
emotions and how they connect to the people closest to them in life. She strives to
assist clients and their families process emotions and learn coping skills to deal with
everyday stressors and decrease symptoms.

Heather’s personal interests include finding new dance classes, yoga, baking, and
spending time with family, friends and her Australian cattle dog.

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